Another History of Dixie County


Dixie County was formed in 1921 from Lafayette County. Lafayette County was formed from Madison County on December 23, 1856. Before that it was Florida Territory until Statehood in 1845.

The County Seat is Cross City. The County fronts on the Gulf of Mexico but it does not have the beautiful beaches of neighboring counties to attract tourists. It is one of the state's least densely populated areas and averages only 15 people per square mile. Population in 1990 was 10,585. By 2000 it had risen to 13,827.

The region is a favorite with deer, turkey and wild pig hunters tourists. Dixie's largest private employers are timber companies. The major road into the county is US 19 and air service is available 60 miles to the east at Gainesville Regional Airport. The county's history includes a battle at Old Town on US 19, where Chief Billy Bowlegs met up with Andrew Jackson during Indian uprisings. Prior to the Civil War, Old Town was the site of a factory where Spanish moss was turned into clean, economical stuffing for mattresses and furniture.

Dixie County shares a great deal of its heritage with it's mother county, Lafayette.  Even though a majority of the records have been transcribed from the Lafayette County originals, Lafayette County still maintains vast genealogical and historical information pertaining to Dixie County.  So those of you having Dixie County ties that stem to the 19th Century, will probably have to look to Lafayette County for your missing information.

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